Why Do Guppies Eat Their Babies?

Most types of guppies eat their own babies, as well as the babies of other fish. Other fish will eat guppy fry too. So in a community tank, the babies live a very risky life. But, why do guppies eat their babies?

Why Do Guppies Eat Their Babies?
Why Do Guppies Eat Their Babies?

Some argue that its a form of natural selection. Baby guppies that can avoid being eaten can be healthier, fitter fish, smarter fish who will eventually breed and produce similar guppies which improve the species as a whole.

If you want to help increase the survival rate of your baby guppies here are some of the things that you can do to reduce the risk of them being eaten by adults.

Add More Plants

Plant dense, movable plants (real or fake) at the bottom of the aquarium to give the guppies with a hiding place. A few baby guppies will still be eaten but the ones that are adept at hiding will survive.

Use A Spawning Tank

This is simply removing the female guppy from the main tank and placing her in a separate tank until she gives birth. Once she does, move the mother guppy back to the main tank and raise the baby fry in the spawning tank until they are big enough to join the others in the main tank.

Floating Spawning Box

At your local pet store or preferred online fish store, you can get a clear box that will either clip-on or float in your aquarium. There’s a mesh portion that allows baby guppies to safely swim through to escape the adults.

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Basically, you put the pregnant guppy in the top part of the box. The fry can then swim safely in the lower part of the box. You can use the box to move the baby guppies to their own tank or raise them in the box.