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What Is The Ideal TDS For Guppies?

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) refers to the quantity of organic and inorganic material in your guppies’ aquarium water. The ideal TDS for guppies is between 320 – 500 ppm.

Best TDS for Guppies

The TDS is one of the important factors to consider when keeping your guppy fish healthy. Other factors include the temperature and pH level. Thus, it is important to measure the level of total dissolved solids in your tank.

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Measuring TDS

You can get accurate TDS readings by using a TDS meter. A good meter is this 3 in 1 aquarium meter you can get on Amazon. Here’s how to measure TDS:

  • Measure the temperature of the water, by dipping the TDS meter in the water to the maximum submersion level (see instruction manual).
  • After measuring the temperature, switch the device settings to measure the TDS level (usually by pressing a button).
  • Dip the TDS meter in the tank again. The TDS level appears on the display.


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