How To Setup A Guppy Breeding Tank?

Whether you’re just starting a new guppy fish tank or you’re an experienced guppy breeder, here are 5 essential tips to setup a guppy breeding tank.

Care Level:Easy
Color Form:Multiple
Lifespan:Up to 2 years (5 max)
Size:0.6 – 2.4 inches
Minimum Tank Size:5 gallons (10 gallons recommended)
Tank Set-Up:Freshwater, plants and substrate
Compatibility:Other peaceful community fish
Guppy Fish Overview

Aquarium Size

To setup a breeding tank, you must purchase a new aquarium. Most breeding tanks are no bigger than 10 gallons. Any normal fish tank will do. There’s no need to buy any specialty tank.

Aquarium Items

Once you buy an aquarium, you need to add hiding places for the guppy fry and the female guppy. The best way to do this is by adding live plants to your breeding tank.

However, you can also use ready-made decorations that you can buy at online fish stores or pet stores. Caves or rocks are great decorations to use for the female guppy to give birth as well as for the baby guppies to hide.

There’s no need to overdo. You can place some stones, plants, or a small cave in the corner of the aquarium. This is an adequate hiding spot for the female to give birth.


Lights are essential if you want your baby guppies to grow faster. Aim for 12-16 hours of light each day to help guppy fry grow healthy and quickly.

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Do not, however, keep the lights on all day. Guppy fish do need sleep. About 8 hours of darkness is sufficient for them to get some rest. Leaving the lights on 24/7 can stress your guppies which eventually leads to death.


A simple sponge filter is all you need to keep your breeding tank clean. Sponge filters are better because other filters can suck in the small guppy fry. Sponge filters also don’t cause strong water current. This is important because guppies live in slow moving water.

Maintain Breeding Tank

Proper maintenance is also a requirement. Everything thing that you do to keep the main tank clean and healthy, you need to do for the breeding tank.

For example, regular water changes, clean the tank glass and clean the water filter. It’s important that you do all these things with care as to not cause the guppies any stress.


Setting up a guppy breeding tank is easy once you take the proper steps to ensure a safe environment for your guppies. Choosing the right sized aquarium, installing adequate lights and hiding places as well as regular tank maintenance are the most important things to keep in mind.

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