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Reasons Why Pregnant Guppy Died Before Giving Birth

It can be disheartening when your pregnant guppy died before giving birth. You are left wondering why the fish suddenly died.

If you knew what caused the death, then maybe you could have prevented it. The main reasons why a pregnant guppy might die before giving birth are:

New Aquarium

Guppies are highly sensitive to their environment. Thus, moving a pregnant guppy to a new aquarium without taking proper precautions can cause it to die before giving birth.


Guppies are live-bearing fish. They give birth to live baby fry. However, if they experience stress before giving birth, they can die. For example, aggressive tank mates can harass the pregnant guppy causing it to die.

It helps to use a breeder box to reduce the risk of death and danger to fry before, during, and after pregnancy.

Poor Water Conditions

The quality of the water in the aquarium is important for pregnant guppies to birth healthy guppy fry. Ensure that you keep the tank clean.

You can check the pH level, ensure the filter works correctly, and ensure that the water temperature is stable. Check that there are no ammonia or nitrites.


Sometimes, death before birth is unavoidable. For example, in community tanks, there may be in-breeding. In-breeding can lead to genetic problems which can lead to your guppy dying before giving birth. Some types of guppies experience this more than others. For example, fancy guppy.


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