How Often Should I Feed Guppies? Can You Overfeed Them?

Guppies are one of the most popular aquarium fishes. These are very colorful and attractive fishes that require very little care. It is very simple to feed them but the question is how often to feed guppies?

A regular feeding schedule makes the guppies healthy, colorful, and happy. Adult guppies comfortably manage morning and evening feeding schedules, but guppy fry needs 3-4 times feeding throughout the day. Young guppy requires a special diet that can easily be available at any fish store.

Adult guppies can survive for up to 10 days, and baby guppies can survive for up to 3 days without food. Although it is simple to feed guppies, we should know how often to feed guppies. You have to be careful that guppies are not overfed.

How much should I feed my guppies?

How Often Should I Feed Guppies

There is a difference in how much you are feeding your guppies depending on whether they are in the adult stage or still babies.

The frequencies can be quite different as baby guppies need to eat more for a healthy growth and development.

Adult Guppies

Adult guppies require to be fed two times daily. A pinch of food in the morning and in the evening is perfect for guppies. Most Preferably, one meal in a day should be live food.

You have to avoid overfeeding because it is harmful to guppies’ health. Adult guppies are comfortable with less food.

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If you miss feeding adult guppies for one or two days, there is no problem at all. They all live very happily in the aquarium and swim the side that you take a  walk.

Baby Guppies

Baby Guppies or fries require more feeding than an adult guppy. Fry needs 6-7 times feeding in a day because of rapid development and constant growth.

These little fries eat a small amount when feeding, so they require many small meals in a day.  The diet of guppy fries requires more attention because these fries are in the growing stage. Avoid overeating to maintain their health and sometimes to save the lives.

guppy fish food

Temperature of Tank

It is also important to maintain the temperature of the fish tank, especially for a baby guppy. A much low temperature makes the guppies sluggish, and they do not eat sufficient food.

On the other hand, too warm thermal condition increases the activity of guppies. Extreme temperature conditions are not suitable for the guppy’s appetite, especially for fries.  A temperature range from 70°F-80° F is ideal for the guppies’ proper growth.

Feeding Amount

We have already discussed that overfeeding is not suitable for guppy’s health. Hence you have to be very careful when you are feeding guppies.

Feed fry and adult the amount that they can finish within 5-7 minutes. If there is any leftover food in the tank, then reduce the amount accordingly in the next feeding.  Guppies have a very small stomach.  So,  overfeeding them may affect their intestine badly and give permanent illness to your little fishes.

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Guppies Food Choice

As Guppies are omnivorous, you can give them any type of food. Crumbled fish food flakes, baby brine shrimp, and boiled egg yolk is the perfect food for a baby guppy.

For adult guppy, you can choose fish food flakes. It is suggestible to give live food to adult guppy once or twice a week. The live food is available at any pet store, or you can raise them also at your home.

You can also opt for wholly frozen food for your guppies. Guppy’s favorite foods are brine shrimp, bloodworms, larvae, and daphnia. But, honestly, you can feed them any fish food very comfortably without any specific choice to the adult as well as a baby guppy.


It is a little surprising, but you can also feed vegetables to your guppies. They love to eat peas, lettuce, and cucumber. These items not only increase the variety of food but also provide nutrients.

Guppies also eat algae in the fish tank. So you need not worry much about the food of guppies as algae grow very fast in the fish tank, and guppies eat them very happily.


Guppies are very small, attractive, and colorful fish. These are available in almost all the aquarium fish tanks as they need very little care.

As far as guppy’s food is concerned, they can eat every type of food. Guppies are omnivorous, so they are comfortable with live food as well as vegetables.

In general, you have to feed two times a day to adult guppy, whereas for a baby guppy, this frequency will increase to 7-8 times in a day in small quantities. Adult guppies can live 10-12 days without food, and baby guppies can live up to 2-3 days.

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