What Fish Make Good Guppy Tank Mates?

There are many types of guppies and many of them make good tank mates by themselves. However, there are certain kinds of freshwater fish that you do not want to keep with your guppies. So, what kinds of fish make good tanks mate for guppies?

What Fish Make Good Guppy Tank Mates?
What Fish Make Good Guppy Tank Mates?

Good Fish To Keep With Guppies

There is a variety of tropical fish that are compatible with guppies. Here are a few excellent choices which include Cory catfish, Gouramis, glassfish, etc.

Cardinal Tetras

These fish are peaceful, small, and just as colorful as guppies. They get along fine with adult guppies but care should be taken when there are young involved.

Cory Catfish

Cory catfish love to swim around and eat leftover food scraps and the algae off the tank. This means a cleaner tank for all your fish. Be sure to keep about 4 of these fish if you do get them as they prefer to be in groups.


These see-through fish are good mates for a guppy tank. They are non-violent and like to be in schools of 5 or more. The only thing to watch out for is the fry.


Plecos are peaceful fish and will get along fine with guppies. However, some plecos require large tanks as they can grow to huge sizes. A 10-gallon tank won’t do.

Endler’s Livebearers

These are also good fish to keep with your guppies. They are similar in size and color to guppies and are calm fish. There should be no problems with these fish.

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Fish To Avoid Putting In The Same Tank As Guppies

Your experience with these fish may be different. However, there are numerous reports of the following fish harming guppies.


While some pet shops will recommend mollies, it’s been noted that adult mollies will attack guppies. This can be stressful for your guppies which can lead to early death, infertility, etc.


Male swordtails are aggressive by nature. Many will tell you that it’s ok to keep both swordtails and guppies together but there are numerous incidents where swordtails attack guppies.


When deciding which fish to keep with guppies, the main thing to consider is the size of the fish. Always try to keep fish that are smaller in size than the guppies.

Aggressive large fish will attack guppies that are incapable of fighting back. In fact, if your guppies are always under stress due to larger fish harassing them and they will eventually get sick and may even die before their time.