Guppy Population Control: 6 Ways You Can Manage It Effectively

Guppy fish breed so fast that soon you can have a population of hundreds of guppies. So, “will guppies overpopulate my tank?” Yes! They can and they will. So, “how do I control my guppy population?” Guppy population control is quite easy. So long as you know what to do. Here are five essential tips for managing your guppy community tank.

Introduce A Predatory Fish

betta fish If you want to control the population of your guppy tank, add one or two predator fish. For instance, a betta fish can help reduce the guppy population by eating the baby guppies. Opt for a single female betta fish as they as less territorial and less aggressive than male betta fish. Guppies aren’t aggressive fish, so you don’t want to add a fish that will harass and stress the adult guppies. The plus side to this is that guppy fry is an excellent source of food for the betta fish. Betta fish and guppies can live together under the right conditions. Other fish that eat guppy fry are goldfish, dwarf gouramis, angelfish, or a pike cichlid. Be sure to check the tank to see if other fish are bullying the adult guppies.

Separate Males And Females

To stop guppies from overpopulating your tank, separate the male and female guppies. But, separation may not always work. Female guppies may already be pregnant.

Remove Hiding Places

Adding live plants and other decorations to your tank gives hiding places for baby fry. Without them, they are out in the open and easy pickings for their number one predator—adult guppies.
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Adult Guppies Can Eat The Fry

Guppies do not take care of their babies. They give birth to many baby fry and leave them on their own. Adult guppies, including the mother guppy, will eat the fry.

Sell Guppy Fish

These days you can sell anything on the internet. Facebook Marketplace is an excellent place to start. You can put up a listing offering excess guppies for sale. Separate your baby guppies from the main aquarium. You can use a breeding tank to raise them or use a breeder box to protect them. Once they are about two weeks old, you can reintroduce them to the main tank and let them grow. Once they are big enough, you can sell them. Other places to sell guppies include eBay, Reddit, and other online fishkeeping forums.

Create An Outdoor Pond

If you have space outdoors, you can keep your guppies in an outdoor pond. The same rules apply, though. Add a predatory fish or reduce hiding places so that the population does not get out of control. An outdoor pond lets you keep more without much worry about space or overpopulation.   References

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