Is It Ok To Keep Guppy In A Fish bowl?

No. Do not keep your guppies in a fishbowl. In fact, no fish likes living in a small glass bowl. Here are a few reasons why you should not keep your guppies in a fishbowl.

Can guppies live in a glass bowl?

Guppy fish and other types of tropical fish or freshwater aquarium fish require space to swim around. A larger tank also allows waste to be diluted. The typical fishbowl is usually 1-3 gallons in size, the small amount of water volume is not adequate enough to dilute the produced toxins.

The little fishbowl can’t hold enough water to sustain proper temperatures, water parameters, and oxygen levels. In our guppy care guide, the recommended minimum is a 5-gallon aquarium for keeping guppies.

Most fishbowls don’t have a filtration system and many pet owners don’t usually set up a filter. The reason being that it can be very difficult to find a filter suitable for a tiny fishbowl.

If you’re keeping male and female guppies, then they are bound to reproduce. In such a small bowl, the mating process can be stressful for females. And, stress is one of the main causes of death in guppies.

Additionally, when the females do give birth, there won’t be enough space for the baby guppies and they can and will be eaten by adult guppies if they can’t find places to hide.

While I don’t recommend keeping any fish in a bowl or vase, there some that argue that it can be done and is safe to do once you take proper precautions:

Do be aware that keeping a guppy in a fishbowl does not simply mean adding water; your fish will die within days, if you do that! The set-up of a guppy fishbowl is actually a small replica of an underwater ecosystem. While it is not difficult to build, it does require you to delicately balance several elements.

Grietje Hans

Grietje explains what to do when setting up a fishbowl without a mechanical filter. Usually called the ‘Walstad method’, ‘natural aquarium’, ‘no-tech’, and ‘low-tech’ fish tank. You can read about it here and decide what you want to do.

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Fishbowls are very attractive, however, keeping guppies or other fish in a glass bowl is not something that I would recommend. Instead, why not try out a planted bowl (with no fish).

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