Guppy Fish and Angelfish – Are They Good Tank Mates?

Keeping multiple species of fish in the same aquarium is ok once you know that they are compatible. Guppies and angelfish are two of the most popular types of tropical fish to keep but do guppy fish and angelfish make good tank mates?

Can You Keep Guppies And Angelfish Together?

Guppy Fish and Angelfish No, guppies and angelfish should not share the same aquarium. On the one fin, you have a peaceful and easygoing guppy. On the other, you have a more aggressive and predatory angelfish. Most often than not, angelfish will attack guppies. They are bigger and take up much more space than the smaller guppy fish. Angelfish are also known to eat small guppies. Here are some reasons against keeping them together.


If you want to stress out your guppy add a predatory fish to their tank. Angelfish will chase and harass guppies which will stress them out. The larger angelfish is faster and will force guppies to remain in hiding. Stress can lead to infertility, death, and it can also hinder the growth rate of your guppies.

Angelfish Eat Guppies

Angelfish grow up to 6 inches long and 8 inches tall. Guppy fish grow to 1.5-2 inches. Adult angelfish can eat adult guppies. They will also eat baby guppies. Even if there are lots of hiding places in the tank, the risk is still great in terms of survival for both adults and fry.

The Exception

There are some that say that you can keep guppies and angelfish together. The trick is to introduce both species to each other while the angelfish is still young and small. The theory is that the angelfish will then treat the guppies as tank mates instead of their next meal.
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However, both are wild animals and the dynamics of their relationship could change in the blink of an eye. Always monitor the tank to ensure that the community is doing well.


The general consensus is that you should not keep guppy fish and angelfish in the same tank. This is because the angelfish are bigger and more aggressive than guppies. Angelfish can eat both guppy fry and adult guppies. The guppies will be stressed and can become infertile, lose their appetite, and even die due to stress. External resources:

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