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Why Do Guppies Die After Giving Birth?

Females guppies can die after giving birth for any of the following reasons:


It is best to keep your female guppy away from other tank mates while giving birth and after giving birth. Male guppies may harass the female that is already weak after giving birth. This can cause the female to die. Use a breeder box to help keep your guppies safe during the labor process.

Complications During Pregnancy

Random complications may occur during the birthing process. These are rare and cannot be prevented as no prior knowledge would be available for you to prepare a plan to prevent the death of your guppies.


A sick guppy can give birth but can die soon after due to the previous illness. The female guppy’s immune system will be weak after birth and this can lead to her sickness overcoming her.

Poor Water Conditions

It is important that the water conditions remain the same before, during, and after pregnancy. Maintain the aquarium’s cleanliness, the pH level, and temperature.

New Aquarium

Moving a pregnant guppy to a new tank after pregnancy can shock her system and cause unnecessary stress. Both of which can cause your guppy to die after giving birth.