Guppies and Dwarf Gouramis – Are They Good Tank Mates?

Guppies and dwarf gouramis are generally peaceful fish and thus make good tank mates. Here are a few things to consider when keeping guppies and dwarf gouramis in the same tank.


Guppies and Dwarf Gouramis

Guppies are perhaps the most popular pet fish right up there with the goldfish. There are many different guppy types and each has unique characteristics.

Guppy fish can be found in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines, Barbados, Brazil, Venezuela, and many other places. They like to live in slow-moving streams. However, they are sometimes found in fast-moving rivers as well.

On the other hand, dwarf gouramis are found in slow-moving water bodies like lakes and streams with plenty of vegetation. They are mostly found in countries like Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan.

As you can deduce, guppies and dwarf gouramis live in similar habitats. Thus, setting up a tank with the right water conditions shouldn’t be too difficult.


Guppies will eat almost anything that you feed to them. In the wild, they feed on mosquito larvae as well as vegetation. They will even eat dead animals if given the opportunity.

However, when keeping guppies as pets, the best food to feed them is tropical flakes and a variety of live food like bloodworms. Guppies can also eat vegetables. Mix it up to provide a varied and balanced diet for healthy guppies.

Dwarf gouramis also feed on mosquito larvae as well as vegetation in the wild. Their diets are similar to guppies. So, you can feed them both tropical flakes as well as frozen or dried food.

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Will Gouramis Attack Guppies?

Gouramis may or may not attack guppies. Each fish has its own personality. Thus, you have to monitor your aquarium for signs of aggressiveness. Female gouramis are much calmer, peaceful, and friendlier than males. Male gouramis tend to be territorial and aggressive.

Will Gouramis Eat Guppy Fry?

Generally, you don’t need to worry about keeping guppies and gouramis together, and you can prevent aggressiveness of gouramis towards guppy fry by separating the fry. For example, you can set up a breeding tank. After all, even adult guppies will eat their babies.


Normally, guppies and dwarf gouramis get along in the same tank. To prevent aggressiveness, you can aim for only female gouramis. And to save fry, try to separate them from the main tank.

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