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How Long Can Guppies Go Without Food?

Adult guppies can survive without food for up to 2 weeks. However, there are few things to consider before leaving your tank for such a long period of time. On the other hand, guppy fry can survive for about 3 days without food.

How Long Can Guppies Go Without Food?

Guppies can live without food for weeks so long as the water conditions are good. If you have guppy fry, you need to feed them at least once a day. So it’s not a good idea to leave fry unattended.

Before You Leave

  • A few days before leaving do filter maintenance.
  • One day before you leave, do a water change (50-70%).
  • Put aquarium lights on a timer (your guppies need to sleep and won’t do so with constant light)
  • Get rid of decaying plant matter or dying fish.

Things You’ll Need

  • API Quick Start – Use this to add nitrifying bacteria to help keep the colony stable after you perform the huge water change.
  • Timer for lights – if you can’t buy a timer then leave the lights off completely and allow for natural light to reach the tank. Your plants need light.
  • Automatic Feeder – For guppy fry, automatic feeders are a great option to feed them while you are away.

Things To Note

  • In some tanks, where microfauna and algae are present, guppy fry can survive for much longer. 
  • Set the automatic timer to feed the fry once a day.

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