Can Guppies Eat Goldfish Food?

Can guppies eat Goldfish food? Yes, guppies can eat goldfish food. But, only feed your guppies goldfish flakes for a short period of time. It should only be a last resort. While most freshwater aquarium fish have similar diets, specialized fish food is just that. Made to benefit a specific species of fish.

Tropical Flakes

Your best option is to always keep some tropical flakes on hand (you can buy these online). However, if you really don’t have anything else to feed your guppy, you can feed it other things like vegetables or live/frozen bait.

Why Not To Feed Guppy Goldfish Food

So, why shouldn’t you feed your guppies goldfish flakes? These flakes do not have the necessary amount of protein for your guppy. Extended use of flakes made for goldfish can lead to a deficiency which then negatively affects your guppies’ lifespan. Also, guppies require a different set of minerals and nutrients to enhance their colors. If they don’t get them then their colors will be dull. They also need specific nutrition to boost their immune system and promote growth.

When Is It Ok To Feed Goldfish Food To Guppy

Of course, if you’re supplementing your guppies with insect larvae, bloodworms, and other protein sources, then a bit of goldfish food won’t hurt. The key is to ensure that all the tropical fish you keep in your tank get a balanced diet. For your guppies, this means a longer life expectancy.
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Always remember not to overfeed your fish and to ensure that you know how often to feed your guppies. Overfeeding can cause obesity which leads to death. And, keep the tank clean by removing any leftover food.

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